15 March, 2010

Elder as an Expert

This large poster now hangs on a building across the way from where we live. It is an advertising campaign to encourage cross-generational relationships.

The slogan is in the form of a short newspaper partnership ad:

Expert on love relationships seeks someone to do chores.

My translation does not really do justice to the beauty of the slogan. The slogan communicates well how building social interaction between elders and younger people can be a mutually profitable relationship.

Their site (in German) is explained as such,

"Elders are experts about life/living. They have experienced much and have survived much. In this Caritis blog, 52 authours write about various sides of life as an elder."


  1. That's indeed a beautiful ad. Haven't seen it before. (And nice try at translating "Ausgehhilfe".)

  2. Susanne, boy did I struggle with the translation.

  3. Here are some informations about the campaign also in english: http://www.caritas-germany.org/67928.html

  4. Dear Marc, Thank you very much for the information. I also went back to German site and noticed they are offering the adverts in various formats to download. Excellent.