28 February, 2012

Spoof and Food for Thought

You have to ask the question, where in the video did you finally realise that this is a spoof? Right from the first moment on? Or, scary-ingly, a few seconds afterwards... Very clever and food for thought.

26 February, 2012

Sunny Sunday

An old couple walk hand-in-hand,
Wearing woolen hats of similar burgundy,
Sturdy, but slow steps they take
This sunny cold winter day.

I look out the window
Watch them pass by.
A day dream, a film,
Wistful thinking of me and mine
In another curving in time.

25 February, 2012

Commitment towards Change

Do you remember when the whole notion of change from bottom-up and not top-down began to resonate in the public and individual consciousness? When did it happen for you?

When Egyptians rose up and claimed change of regime?
When Mr. Obama became president and asked us to help make change?
The ending of apartheid in South Africa?
The fall of the Berlin Wall?

Or was it something less historically significant? Whenever or whatever it was that gave you serious pause for thought, wasn't it exciting to think of the enormous possibilities we all have to participate in creative and constructive change?

Where are you today? Does the fire still burn inside?

Video from KarmaTube

There are so people working with spirit to create long term change. I recently discovered the KarmaTube. Try browsing through the different videos and choosing one or two as a picker upper... it is bound to make you smile. 

Today, life is good. It is easy for me to believe in the power of small victories and quiet diligence bringing about the changes we need We just need to keep putting one foot forward...

18 February, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

I love the internet. It has probably been one of the major change factors in my life in the last twenty years.
(That is, of course, second place, farfar behind, the immense joy and challenge of raising our delightful children.)

Since I was there right from the beginning (of the internet), and consider myself an "early adopter" in most things, there are only the rare moments when I discover something old, but fabulous.

This is what happened this week, when I stumbled over the blog, Letters of Note. What a fantastic site to while the days away on. What a learning opportunity for students and teachers alike.

Today's letter is from Groucho Marx. Wouldn't you love to it if he could have written a letter to some bank CEO today...

Other pearls of wisdom I discovered were,
This evening I went to see this lovely film,

Do try and take a look. The film leaves you with a warm feeling of having seen something well done.

12 February, 2012

Crickety Cricket

I've been to my fair shares of cricket matches over the years. Even so, I've never quite "got" why people play the game, or how it is played.

The best cricket games were the Sunday afternoon community matches played in Grenada. Lots of adults and children and smart comments from the sidelines. Lots of laughter mixed in with absolute seriousness of the game.

Even though many a good man has tried to teach me the finer points of the game, what goes through my mind resembles the moves in the above video.

I wonder whether it is as much fun to watch if you actually do know the game. Can any cricket fan comment?

04 February, 2012

That Summer

It is impossible for me to watch this video and hear the music without being transported back decades to That Summer, when...
All the days were bright hot and languid/
My friend's beat-up convertible was trés chic/
The music we played edgy, seductively low keyed/
We seemingly didn't have to eat or sleep,
but chose instead to drive long distances
on any excuse whatsoever/
... into the hot glare of the afternoon, or
through the night into early morning tenderness/
Never knowing what were driving into/
Blissfully, tragically, unconcerned.