07 March, 2010

Dreams of Spring


A dear friend of mine, who comes from Cameroon, wonders at Germans' obsession with the weather. Having been born and raised in a country where weather is mostly warm and sunny and in no need of comment, the idea of spending time talking about what is happening outdoors seems odd. Looking back over my posts in the last months, I fear I have also mentioning the weather much too often. Sorry, dear friends, I'll try to mend my ways. Yet, I can not help but mention how I yearn for spring to come. Don't you?


  1. I love that picture. It's just what we all need to lead us into spring. Nope, just keep on talking about the weather. It puts you in context. I can see you going off to work in the grey. Now I can see small flowers on sills and sunshine. :)

    I'm no longer able to access this note function via your front page. I have to open your entry as a single page, click on the comment link, and only then will it open this little window. I do use Firefox instead of IE, and that may be the trouble.

  2. Dear Lia, you are not the only one yearning for spring to come! We simply are not used to winters as hard as this one. You know what a keen gardener I am, don´t you? Each and every day for the last weeks I have been going out, trying to force the first flowers out with my longing views to the frozen earth .. to no avail, of course. Tine