25 November, 2017

Gamechanger (update)

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the shock I felt after finding out how detrimental it is for our health to spend each day sitting for long periods of time.  So, I decided to become more conscientious about moving throughout the day.

This game changing strategy has proven very simple to carry through. For moving is fun! Often, I listen to podcasts. It is lovely to get through my weekly library of downloaded podcasts. It is a satisfying feeling to reduce their number and become smarter at the same time.

When I am not listening to podcasts, I listen to and sing along to the songs sung on Playing for Change channel. It nice to swing my hips. It adds pep to my steps.

17 November, 2017


When my daughter was in university , she was a board member of the Ethics and Equality Committee for a few years. Since the university had over 70% foreign students from 110 different countries, the committee members handled cases of inter-racial conflicts, as well as sexual harassment or assault. Yet, these later cases were the most difficult to know how to manage. It seems that Callisto would be an ideal tool to help survivors and those working with them. 

In Jessica Ladd’s TED Talk, she explains how Callisto could help campuses and companies possibly prevent 59 percent of sexual assaults just by stopping repeat perpetrators earlier on. How empowering would that be for survivors to know their statements would be heard and acted upon?

15 November, 2017

Another fine moment

Amongst all of the bad news, there are fine moments when we, as a collective, make the right choice for the right reasons.

To all the 61.4% of you Aussies out there, thank you for your support in stepping up and voting and trying to eradicate civil unjustice in your country.

12 November, 2017

Women Warriors

Watching this (far too) short interview between two highly successful and powerful women warriors was a delight. It was interesting to know that Anna Wintour was a great friend of Katharine Graham and was mentored by her. Wouldn’t you have loved to have sat in on some of their conversations over the years?

It was also interesting to hear Meryl Streep mention researching Katharine Grahams’ relationship to her mother and posing the question about what our mothers do to us. It is a profound question that we should ask of our mothers and children alike. It is essential to look at how this relationship empowered or destroyed our ability to speak out and be heard.

Now more than ever, we need to speak the truth. One of the most discouraging things about reading the reports over the last weeks (years) that expose the prevalence of sexual abuse and harassment in the work place, is not that these men exist, but that they show no true contrition. How are we as individuals, let alone as a society, going to start an honest dialog about the hurts and indignities, the taking away of our humanity, as a result of predatory workplace behaviour if there is not contrition?

--> It is reassuring that Meryl Streep believes this moment in time is thrilling. That the exposure of these famous men’s behaviour will positively affect us all. That it will no longer be for people to conduct their lives as they have done so in the past. Let’s make sure this happens. Let’s speak up and make ourselves heard.

10 November, 2017


Having thankfully hit the 60 mark in (relative) sound mind and good shape, I have been thinking the last weeks about what self-care program I should pursue for the next years. The video above was a wake up call. Being self-employed means that there are days that I am running around and standing up and moving a great speeds. But there are farfar more days that I literally sit at my computer at 7 am and work online until 6 or 7 in the evening.

That has changed completely/radically since I watched this video. Every 50 minutes I get up and walk around or climb stairs for 5-10 minutes. That is self-care for my bones, arteries, skin, and brain!