29 October, 2013

Simplicity Itself

"Richard is the fascinating story of a travelling piano tuner who chooses to live outdoors. Shot in London, the film takes analternative look at someone who treats the entire city as a home."

Perhaps it is the simplicty of his story, but I found this film wonderful in may different ways. Certainly, it can lead to much thought and discussion at any dinner table.

13 October, 2013

Wild Rose Scepter

I am a wood spirit serving all.
Three, plants, animals and man alike.
To those who thirst, I bring water.
To those in need of nourishment,
Sunlight. I shelter the meek,  who
Borrow in my nooks and crannies.
I honour the strong on their travels;
Boldly being as they were meant and made.

For those of you not sure of who
You are, but nevertheless exploring;
I gift you a glimpse of a deer at dawn,
The beauty of wildflowers growing
Next to a fallen tree.  I fill your imagination
And senses. So you may become reborn,
Renewed and return home
Knowing with certainty what is
Art-filled, mysterious and eternal.

02 October, 2013

Days of Silence

How I dream of days spent in silence.
That is where I am heading off to...
Where I can revel in the lack of internet:
Connection to the "outside"
And in compensation, a strong
Reconnection to my inner self.

See you guys soon!