26 March, 2010

So Right

Just got a link to this wonderful succinct observation about relationships:
Image found on YimmyYayo's blog.


  1. Oh, that is too true, and too funny!

  2. RYN: The Heartbreak Factor.....sometimes these homes are so very sad. Mom or dad die and all is chaos, or all is a disaster, or has been abandoned for years, or hatred or anger, or mom died too young. Sometimes a life was spectacular, and the living really miss the dead or dying. Sometimes like with my friend Dr. Higgins, life has run it's glorious course, and there's nothing sad about the estate sale. We are just missing the person who died.

    Those politicians are into politics....which means nothing very positive in my mind. Game playing, cronyism, and backbiting seem the norm. Yes, we all want a balanced budget, but not on the back of the unemployed.

  3. Maggie, didn't know there was all that involved when looking at homes, but it does make sense in the present economic climate that houses each have their own history.

  4. We aren't looking at the homes, dear Lilalia, we are looking at the belongings in the home. The estate is the stuff. I collect cookbooks so always look at cookbooks. Today I got a breadbox....that I don't need but is darling. Sometimes the emotions surrounding the houses and the stuff are very powerful things. Other times, when a sale is professionally run, there is space to look and not be swept away.

    Yes, I really like this triangle. Yes too....the previous entry hit home too.