14 October, 2016

A slow study of elegance

I don't often publish speeches from politicians or political figures on this blog. But, I enthusiastically do so this morning.

These last weeks and months have been scary ones. We are all waiting with trepidation for Americans to end this electoral escapade. We are hoping they will out-trump Trump, by voting Ms. Clinton into the presidency.

I don't believe the hate-mongering, misogyny, xenophobia, will then come to an end. Rather, the new government will have to face these forces face on. Every single day from now on.

Michelle Obama manages to appeal to our common need for decency and tell us that we need to refocus our efforts. I can not say how touched I was listening to her words. Her speech is not a confabulation of 140-characters of sound bites, but a slow study of elegance.

11 October, 2016

Dear Mister Shakespeare

"Phoebe Boswell riffs on her conflicted attitudes towards Othello in Dear MrShakespeare, which co-stars Ashley Thomas aka Bashy."

Do watch the other seven films in the British Council’s series Shakespeare Lives 2016. All are highly entertaining.

10 October, 2016

DB Blogger in residence

Any one who has read this blog knows I am a long time fan of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB for short). It is a running joke in my family, my unerring loyalty to the German train company, but they also joke about how I possess good DB karma. When it comes to the DB, my belief in its greatness has been reinforced a thousand times.

My son sent me this article about how Amarak in the States is now installing writers in residence in their trains. Isn't that the most brilliant idea!

I came up with an idea of becoming DB blogger in residence. I could write posts about traveling around Germany in trains. I could entertain foreign travellers with stories of places I visit, people I meet along the way. 

I  could describe the different types of trains that run north to south and east to west; from the super sonic to the meandering milk runs. Then there are the cultural intricacies such as: why Germans pack a lunch whenever they take the train: football, rowdies and police crowd control with the DB: bilingual announcements during train trips: Oktoberfest and funny looking passengers...  The list goes on and on.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to make this dream job come true!

Suggestions appreciated...

There is no single solution

Prince Ea combines history, science, and personal opinion to talk (rant) about our the short-comings of our educational system. Please watch. It is really a really satisfying rant and one that hopefully inspires you towards discourse.

09 October, 2016

I continued to fight...

"I continued to fight. That is what saved me."
Adolfo Kaminksy

This touching video is an adaptation from the book, Adolfo Kaminsky: A Forger's Life It is written by Mr. Kaminsky's daughter Susan, who is also in the film. You can find out more The Times.

There is such a need at the moment for all of us, in whatever way possible, to fight for the refugees needing a safe haven. It is inspiring to know Mr. Kaminsky never stopped fighting to make sure the words, "all humans are created equal", are not empty words.  

03 October, 2016

Mother to her daughter

It saddens me greatly to see what an impossibly hard time Ms. Clinton has had during this campaign to be recognised as a strong candidate for president. As far as my memory goes, there has never been a presidential candidate in the last 30 years who has as much political experience and insight as she does. Not only does she understand what true challenges lie ahead of her as president, she has the connections and relationships to world leaders, and their respect, to handle the difficult years ahead.

It saddens me further to know how difficult it is for her and other women of power to make their true selves be known.