25 July, 2013

Beans Left

Do you remember way back when... when the idea of vblogs was new and crazy. That's when I discovered ZeFrank. I loved and was annoyed and sometimes I was even embarrassed watching his videos. There were times he was brilliant and other times he completely overstepped my inner boundary into the Land of the Tasteless. All these years later, he still has the ability to provoke and invoke.

Three of his statistics I found interesting:

  • 1,099 days commuting to work (I am so glad I have always been able to ride my bicycle or walk to work)
  • 3,202 days of work (which means the average person lives a ratio of 1 to 3 between commuting and working)
  • 2,676 days watching television (talk about massive cognitive surplus!)
Beans for thought...

09 July, 2013

Are you in // or // out?

ARE YOU IN // OR // OUT ? from 2 FACTORY on Vimeo.
"Motion animation which presents with humour what's IN or OUT in our daily life."

Other than preferring to drink coffee in the street rather in a café, our lives here seem to be dipped deeply into the "IN" side of the popularity pool. What a lark.

Yum Yum Yuck

Some people find the even the idea of eating snakes abhorrent. Others don't can’t stomach the idea of rats. Yet, there are countries that consider these delicacies.

Then there is catfish, a delicacy where I live. The photo above was in the news today. The fisherman, Wolfgang Richter, says he is not goint to eat it, but put ito on display.

As a long time vegetarian… it doesn’t matter snake, rat, or catfish… it’s all yuck to me.