28 March, 2010

Loving my Kids

I love me kids. Not in a small way, but in a way that often takes my breath away. Especially on mornings like this morning, when there is anticipation in the air.

The last days have been consumed with making check lists and buying travel items for my daughter. She is getting ready to take off on an adventure tomorrow with her best friend. They are flying to Grenada to visit my mother and friends. Just knowing how smart and self-assured she is, helps me get over my nervousness about her flying the coop.

Then there is my son, who is quietly getting ready to fly to southern Italy to visit his other family. He doesn't talk much, nor does he make many demands, but he makes his presence felt by sending me messages in form of links on my google reader. Today's favourite is,

Don't make decisions when you are angry.
Don't make promises when you are happy.

I have been known to do both. Particularly the later. It is wonderful to read some piece of advice that doesn't need explanation. Blatant truths. We need them sometimes.

1 comment:

  1. It's bittersweet to send your kids off on an adventure and, while exciting, there is a bit of anguish that a Mom feels. At least it was that way for me.

    Have happy and safe travels kids.