24 April, 2012

The problem is not children... it's adults!

Love a good burst of ranting from someone with a good heart and intelligent mind.

18 April, 2012

Economy is Politics in Disguise

It is well worth your time to listen to Ross Jackson's proposal about why we, as a society, need to rework our economical system. He suggests we make economy a subset of our ecological system, operating within its (ecological) constraints.

15 April, 2012

Telling A Good Story

To all of us who, as children, built thousands of forts, went on countless adventures down the Amazon, explored the wilds of the Yukon... Caines Arcade rules.

To all of us who want to tell stories about the power of a child's imagination, or how strong is our inner drive to create something concrete from the ideas swimming around our heads... Nirvan Mullick shows us how to do so with mastery.

The best part though, or maybe it is just the cherry on top, is the song at the end. Can you imagine having a song written about you?

07 April, 2012

Down at Albert Brown's

This last month has been crazy. Crazy good and frantically busy. Time to stamp my feet and to jiggle along to a speedy tempo. I do hope I will be back soon writing on this blog regularly. Can't promise. Just wanted to say hello to all you guys and not to worry, all is well here.

Except for the fact that it snowed again today!