16 March, 2010

Cooking Traditions

Recently, the British cook, Jamie Oliver, received a TED Prize and gave a rather entertaining and informative presentation. Basically, he more or less said we have to cook again and eat real food. Something you would think is self evident, but none the less, the statics of the average citizen's eating habits speak otherwise.

Yesterday when I was walking past the local vegetable shop and saw these bundles of soup greens. I rejoiced in their colour, as well as to the fact that they were still being sold. Not only small vegetable shops, but also large department stores sell selection of vegetables that you make into a soup base for making soups. This means people are not only making their own homemade soups, but they are making them according to the traditional method.

For those of you who have never made soup base but would like to give it a try:

Lia's method for making soup base

Cut up carrots, celery root, leeks, parsley into 2-3 cm sections
Add 2-3 tbsp of olive oil into bottom of large soup pot
Saute the vegetables in oil at high temperature for 5-10 min.
Mix in generous amount of salt
Add loads of cold water into pot and bring to boil
Let the vegetables boil at lower temperature for 30-40 min.
Remove vegetables when soft and mushy
Let soup base cool down and remove any film at top of pot


  1. It sounds like a good soup stock. I am one of those non-cooks who no longer eat properly because I don't have the energy to make a dish from scratch.

    Homemade vegetable soup and green pea soup used to be served at least twice a month when I cooked. I know I should make meals now but it isn't going to happen.

  2. Darlene, don't give up hope! I find it is lovely just to put on some good radio station and start slowly. Surely, there isn't anything better than making yourself a good green pea soup. Also, green pea soup is easy to freeze and warm up later.