08 November, 2012

Sigh of relief

I have to admit, I did not have the strong faith that the following people had in Mr. Obama's ability to win the election. It is nice to know some people did not doubt.
There is an Englishman speaking in the video, explaining why he came over to the States to help campaign for the Democrats. He felt it was as important an election for the world, as it was for the US.

Even those of us living outside of the States certainly did get a lot of media coverage of the election. I followed the press in Germany, Canada, France, and the UK. You couldn't ignore the long and intense coverage.

In the following video, you get a more quiet, but equally positive responses from people across the world on Mr. Obama's victory.I think the only reason there aren't more out-and-out demonstrations of jubilation, is because a) they asked the opinion of people living in countries that have strained relationships with the States, and b) interviews with persons-on-the-street are much more subdued in general elsewhere.
It is interesting to note that in the international polls, Obama was favoured 90%. I want to give special thanks to Ronni at Time Goes By for never dipping in the hyperbole. She concentrated firmly on political issues concerning elders in America, but there was plenty to read for non-Americans of any age. Thanks, Ronni.