19 August, 2012

Putting the Great back in Britian

Okay, it is just an ad for Adidas. And granted, Adidas is a German company, so what the heck? Why do I like it? Out of respect for the British team that brought in more metals than they have in over a 100 years. And in recognition for hosting the games in a manner that brings back the Great to the Britain it has become.

18 August, 2012

Mixed Messages

My husband bought a new shower gel from a very internationally known soap maker (think niv-ia) with a brand name Powerfruit, Relax. Really, power fruit relax... not power fruit energise, or serenity fruit, relax, or think about it... fruit... do we need fruit in the name at all? Is there ever any fruit in soap?

Did anyone attend the marketing meeting when they were coming up with this name? If so, have you ever heard of mixed messages?

12 August, 2012

Hippy Sappy Happy Spot

Ronni put me on to this viral video and my heart melted. As the guy says, its a happy spot sport.

When I saw the video for the first time, it got me wondering about those persons who decided to introduce Nordic Walking into the mainstream. "Hey, lets get these ski poles and vigorously swing them back and forth as we walk... we got to pretend this doesn't look funny, it will be great... come on, guys!"

This man (sorry, I have no idea if he is well known in the States or not) should be given a metal for standing before a camera and starting, hopefully, a new and wonderful sappy happy spot sport. Can't you just imagine in 20 years time Dance Walking as an Olympic sport?

The question is, would you take up dance walking? I think I would if;
  • I was in a city where I knew no one
  • If people knew the existence of Dance Walking
  • If I could wear sunglasses
.... actually, I'd probably not have the courage to do it. So, maybe I'll just have to pick out some solitary path in the woods and hope the birds don't break out giggling.

05 August, 2012

A first... "mark as read"

Usually, when I come home after vacation, I take a few days to go through the emails and my google reader. Today, just an hour after stepping through our front door I pressed "mark as read" on my over thousand google reader articles... never thought I would do so... but hey, it felt good.

We were down in southern Germany enjoying the sunny and warm summer that has alluded us here in the north. We were spoiled with good food and good company by our dear friends. It is almost 30 years ago that I came to Germany and the friends I met then have become part of my inner circle of chosen family.