22 February, 2014

Call you Home

A tip of the hat
A deep bow
A quirky cursey
To Kelvin Jones
For your gift
And glory

21 February, 2014

Mauve Lace

These are the moments of mauve lace
When the soles of my bare feet balance
On the monastery tiles worn smooth
By the endless footsteps of 
Mothers and sisters and others..
The elders, once young and 
Unpretentious, except for their
Coloured dreams of religious wonder
The start of a very long adventure.

12 February, 2014

Love Letter To Yourself

Having lived 50 years and more,
Having explored numerous corners of the world,
Having looked afar, down deep, between the lines,
There is only one love, a universal truth,
That starts with self-love and kindness and faith
In ourselves. That no matter what, "I am enough"
The bottom line, the exit point, the point of no return.