30 June, 2012

One Classy Dame

I discovered this video on Ronni's blog today. What a delight. I love Rita Hayworth. And thank you, whoever you are, who spent the endless hours figuring out what films and what parts of the choreography best suited the song. Doesn't it make your toes tingle?

28 June, 2012

Unrequited Love

Long summer days spent lovelorn meandering an inner landscape populated with accidental encounters and meaningless light-hearted chatter laden with twisted subtext. Or not. Oh, the tortures of unrequited love...

We have all probably at one time wished we could stomp our feet loudly and sing bravely the words, "I belong to you. You belong to me in my sweet heart..." Yes, of course it is sappy, but dearly so.

27 June, 2012

Summer Hole

In Germany, we have this phenomena called the "Sommerloch", which translates literally into "summer hole". Most self-employed businesspersons, fall into this hole at the end of June and don't crawl out until sometime in September. There is just no one out there wanting any work done.

The hole is caused by every single person in All Of Europe going off for weeks and weeks of vacations. If you can imagine the huppla of a 4th of July weekend and just extend it endlessly over the whole summer, you get the idea.

This means, in theory, I have some time to twiddle my thumbs and write blog posts. So, you heard it here, I am back...

22 June, 2012

When Matt Grows Up

We probably have all grown up during the last seven years in matters of the internet, since the first "Where the Hell is Matt?" video appeared in 2005. Well, it shouldn't surprise you, so did Matt.

If you want to read a very interesting assessment about what that growing process encompassed, please read this article titled "When the world is your dance teacher" by Ethan Zuckerman. It points out some of those forks in the road Matt took while seemingly covering every corner of this earth.

13 June, 2012

Something silliy, something vain

It's been a while, not out of lack of interest, but life's wonderful challenges driving the direction my feet dance and where and when I can put my thoughts to pen, as it were, which isn't in ink or written in stone in these digital days. There are thousand small moments when I see quirky situations right outside me living room window or witness delightfully vain pursuits, like those of hairy legged skaters doing pas de deux with scrapped up boards in some shopping mall parking lot, when my heart bursts with the silliness that is our life, there comes the wish to share it all with you.

Please know that the sparsity of posting does not reflect in any way a lack of interest or willingness to explore or share my world with you... it is only an indication that self-employment is a cookie monster who never stops wanting more time or energy or ideas or TLC. Thankfully, things are running well at last, thought tentatively so...