13 June, 2015

Dog parking post

Do you remember the posts in western films for cowboys to park their horses?

Voila... A modern version...

05 June, 2015

On the road again

Summer over took the last weeks of fall weather today. I spent some lovely stolen time on the beach last week wrapped up in wooly coat and thick blanket breathing the cold sea air and recovering from pneumonia.

Now I am off on the road again. Riding on my favourite Deutsche Bahn; whose popularity has suffered greatly because of numerous strikes the last months. The person making announcements over the speakers is noticeably cheery.

The greens of the landscape is bright and lively. They have yet to change to deeper summer tones. I am first off to a meditation retreat in a monastery surrounded by woods. So much looking forward to the stillness.

May you all send shine this way and I will send kind thoughts to you.