14 July, 2014

Game well played

The final game last night of the WM was wonderful to watch. For all you non-pulsed scoccer fans, it must seem an odd thing to say, since the score was 0:0 at the end of the normal playing time. Nevertheless, what a game!

(note: to google... if I am doing something wrong by placing the google doodle in this post today, please be tolerant. It was done in a sleep deprived state of jubilation.)

10 July, 2014

Good cup of tea

When I went into my blog dashboard today, I discovered this text. I wrote it, just before a whole avalanche of work landed on my desk! 

The weeks and months of this year have so far been exhilarating ones. Lots of work, which is encouraging.

Yet thankfully the next weeks are going to be more relaxed. So I can sit quietly over a new book or listen to a podcast or two.


We reached another milestone in our family. Our daughter has graduated from high school and she is off in a few weeks to start her university career. Very exciting. Monumental. Both children now grown up and on walking on their own path now.

I have special feelings of wonderment and pride mixed with astonishment: did it really happen: is it really over: what comes next.

Thinking of you all.