19 March, 2008

The Ultimate in Nonchalance

Well, the taxi is due to arrive in the next half hour. Nomad Son is not back from school and has yet to pack his backpack or eat his lunch. But, am I worried? Nooooo. The reason this is so, is that my dear daughter, fellow traveling companion, is in her room practicing her saxophone. My husband, stay-behind-limpet, has just placed a hot cup of tea on the table beside me. Is that the ultimate in nonchalance, or what?

I have been intending to write a post about why it is my children are my favorite people to travel with. It is not only that they are such personable companions, they are as reliable as hoot for being reliable, even-tempered, and wry humored. What more could a gal wish for.

Yesterday afternoon, as my daughter and I were talking about what she is to wear on the plane, I suggested she wear some super cute earrings she got for her birthday. The earrings are so fun looking they are bound to bring luck. My daughter objected because they don't match anything she is going to wear in the way of clothes. I felt that wearing lucky earrings is much more important than whether red matches with brown. My son comes in and asks what the discussion is about. We tell him; to which he responded that wearing any earrings while flying is impractical. Then he goes out of the room, only to return a few seconds later, commenting, "Do you realise that this last conversation sums up exactly how the three of us work?".


  1. Taxi is due, son not back, and you are blogging!!! That may be the ultimate in nonchalance ...

    I hope your trip is good.

  2. That nonchalance is something I'd like to learn. Whenever I travel I get all freaked out days in advance and make everybody very nervous for hours.

    Maybe I need to travel more.