18 March, 2008


Mage and Alfia have asked for lessons on making collages with Photoshop. I decided to make up a blog, Creating Collages*, to help me do this. There will be links to excellent tutorials (videos, websites) and other websites that I find inspiring. Mostly, the site will explain my creative process for making collages.

I am not going to explain Photoshop techniques in any detail; there is so much good material out there waiting to be used. I am always on the look out for such tutorials, so, I will pass them on to you in the blog.

What I can do is, try to explain the creative process of making collages. That would be fun. I think I will use Jing for this purpose. We’ll see how things go.

So, if you have Photoshop and a yearning to make collages, please leave a comment at Creating Collages*.

* I’ll work on the layout of the blog on my return from NY.

Note: for those of you interested in a progress report about packing for tomorrow's departure... all I can say is that this evening is going to be a very busy evening. I've managed to postpone packing, once again, to the point of ridiculous. Will I never learn!


  1. Oh, how fun! I have no illusion that I will ever be able make collages as wonderful as yours, but I'm heading over to your new blog to check it out!

  2. The new blog is a great idea!

    On the packing, my husband once managed to pack for a two week trip in 15 minutes. Without forgetting anything important. But then I was standing next to him with a list...