26 March, 2008

Life In The City

Since we are spending our days and evenings outdoors, I am astonished with the continual discourse going on; everywhere we go, people are talking. Am I wrong, or do people in New York talk alotalot? And, do many choose to talk loudly?

I have, willingly and unwillingly, overheard so many conversations these last days my mind is reeling. It is as if hearing these stories, out of context to the narrators’ lives, creates a kaleidoscope projection of “life in the city”. It is fascinating because each new conversational tidbit adds a new diamond-shaped coloured element to the image.

Where people’s looks here present an infinite variation of diversity, people’s conversation seems to be universally, uniformly concerned with existential worries and personal dramas.


  1. I haven't been in New York yet but I had the impression that people in Germany mostly speak very soft compared to other nations. But even here I'm constantly over-hearing conversations and all these people tend to stay with me. Story-fragments.

    Going to a park, wood, or lake helps. Especially if there aren't many people.

  2. Oh yes, New Yorkers do talk fast and loud! You get to hear all sorts of things you don't want to hear!