21 March, 2008

Safe and Sound

The flight over was, as my father euphemistically referred to as, “bumpy”. My best guess is that we had at least three or four hours where we were not allowed out of our seats.

On the plus side, this was the first flight I’ve been on with my own entertainment center; watched Enchantment, August Rush, and Michael Clayton. Nothing to write home about, so why I’m writing about this here, can only the fact it is two in the morning and my mind and body are confused with the time change. I slept between seven and midnight. Don’t quite know what to do with the rest of the night.


While sitting on the black plastic covered stools in Joe’s Pizza’s watching the flow of pedestrians rush by, I spotted three separate sightings of men with wooden plugs in their earlobes in the tradition of some of the African tribes. Strange because none of the fellows were of African origins. Didn’t any of these fellows see photos in National Geographic of old tribe people with their earlobes hanging down to their shoulders? Empty, because the skin tissue no longer was able to hold the ornamental rings or plugs.


A sullen looking custom officer actually made a joke in our company.

The smile on the man’s face and the warmth of his thank you, when I went chasing after his baseball cap that had flown away in the wind and caught before it reached the street.

The look of puzzlement on the waitress’ face when my kids thanked her and said goodbye before leaving the café (a German custom).

Rudeness shocker

The boss woman of the café yelling into the phone four seconds after she picks up the receiver “Just cut to the chase. What are you selling me?" I know telemarketing is a plague over here, but I wondered how the job must erode away the soul to the people doing the job.

A customer comes into the café and orders a double shot of whiskey. He downs the drink before the waitress even has a chance to turn around to the cashier and get the customer his change. He makes a polite comment about the weather, the waitress responds in like. He leaves. The waitress and boss woman start making disparaging comments about him the moment he’s out the door.

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  1. Great to hear that you traveled safely. And I hope that you're enjoying your stay.

    Plugs in ear are all the rage now. I have been seeing them in Germany too, only most people are only starting out so they are indistinguishable to earrings. I shudder when thinking how they will look in forty years with their floppy punctured earlobes.