25 March, 2008

NYC Slideshow

Easter Day Parade (no floats, but plenty of New Yorkers in funny hats)
Spent the early morning working on reformatting and selecting some of my son’s photos. Here is the slideshow. I’ll add new photos every day we are here.

Chris, if you want a gift from the Marzipan Fairy Godmother, please send me your mailing address at the email address in my sidebar. The offer only holds for the next few days.

Yesterday was spent on in the subway, on buses, on the Staten Island ferry, in a quaint café that has a WiFi hotspot, 42nd Ave., Empire State Building, but mostly just walking around … it is really getting all a bit much. My whole sensory input circuit is feeling somewhat overloaded.

Today is going to be spent around Bleecker’s Street and attending a podcast workshop at an Apple shop.

I miss reading your blogs. I took a peek at my Google reader list yesterday. Yeeks! I think I will have to just mark all as read and accept the fact that “gone on vacation” comes at a price.

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  1. Those photos really captured the feel of the city. The details that your son noticed were wonderful. I tend to get locked into the big stuff and miss the small wonders. Good eye!

    Now then, gotta go ... I've got some emailing to do ...