24 March, 2008

Finally, A Free WiFi Hotspot

Aaahhhhh, ohhhh, phew, we’ve finally found a café with free WiFi services. So, if all goes well, I’ll start blogging daily. We are having such fantastic sunny weather; it's a true pleasure to be outdoors.

We are off to the Hudson River promenade down the way from where we are staying. Then we will try and find a bus going uptown (or do they say downtown here?). Maybe take the ferry over to Staten Island.

On a previous visit, my friend, B., and I got so involved in conversation; we sat on the ferry all afternoon going back and forth.

A dear friend came down to visit with us this last weekend. She and her daughters are making their way back along the east coastline at this moment.

I am not so good at sharing my attention between different focus points. Thus, I have the feeling that until now I have had a visit with my friend, but I’ve taken in practically nothing of the city as yet. This is now going to change.

My son has been taking photos, so I will select a few and set up an album soon.

My daughter is anxious to go shopping, but as her brother pointed out, “That’s something to do on a bad weather day”. She is the only one of our entourage who is hoping for rain.

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  1. It's nice to hear from you. Have fun.