28 March, 2008

Completely Ridiculous

There is so much going on in our visit here, and just no time to write it all down. So, you will just have to take an occasional look at my son's photo slideshow.

What we have done often and well is find excellent restaurants to eat in. I am more the type of person that if I find a place I like, I'd go back nearly every day. My son, not. Each day is three new restaurants. There is such a fine selection of places in and around Greenwich Village, we have only had great food.

The two most ridiculous stores we did see sold: a) clothes for dogs, b) fur coats for Barbies. I kid you not. Can you imagine the bank managers' faces when they were presented the business plans for these shops?

Another highlight was meeting fellow blogger, Bindi, from Melbourne this morning for breakfast. She's here on a conference. She wrote a long account of her first day here, and then life got busy for her, and so, like me, she's been "living" the experience instead of writing about it.


  1. I like the way your son thinks ... 3 meals - 3 restaurants. What could be more natural!

  2. What fun that you've met Bindi. Now you're ahead of me in the Bloggers I've Met stakes!

    Glad you're having a wonderful time and that you're finding great restaurants. I read your last post about the 8-year-olds with dummies and thought that was extremely odd.

    Travel safely and looking forward to talking when you're home.

  3. Thankyou for a lovely breakfast! Wasn't it strange how easy and natural it was to be chatting over a meal together as though it was not the first time we had met! And how lovely it was to see and recognise you immediately. I really enjoyed our morning.

    Thankyou for the marzipan from Lubeck. I was a little worried that I wouldn't get it through customs, but it was no problem. I'm happy to report that I'm home safe and have enjoyed half the marzipan already. It is divine, dark chocolate coated! yum yum. :)