27 September, 2008

A Good Businessman

I’ve just finished listening to Dick Gordon of the program The Story, interview Hal Taussig. Please take some time to listen to this show; it will get your grey cells vibrating back and forth. This is the description on the American Public Media website,

"Hal Taussig believes that CEOs have a responsibility to do more than earn wealth for themselves. He created a successful travel company called Untours. The company has a budget in the millions and maintains a healthy profit margin - but Hal does not keep any of the profits. He donates them to charity."

One of the difficulties I’ve struggled with over the last ten years, is the reduction of income and loss of future security. Unforeseen economical crisis, like the one we are presently experiencing, irresponsible spending from a close family member, and increasing age and decreasing job possibilities, have created a chronic situation where my family and I live with a lot of uncertainty.

Listening to Mr. Taussig speak about how vital he thinks life is, if we choose to live our lives in the midst of such uncertainty and insecurity, has been a revelation. In the end, it does not matter whether we choose to live humbly of our own volition, as he has chosen, or through practical necessity, as my family does, the concept he proposes is wonderful.

For the first time in ten years, I feel intrigued to spend time reflecting upon what those losses signify in practical terms of momentary changes, rather than bitterly mourn those losses in intellectual consideration of “things we will never have, trips we will never take, a type of retirement we’ll never enjoy” in future times.

If you do go and listen to the show, please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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  1. Thank you. Thank you for this post at this time. Here in America, with our economy going in the toilet, I struggle to keep my mind focused on my true priorities. And THIS hits right home. Again, thank you.