12 September, 2008

Lovers’ Brunch in a Berlin Café

Wool sweater, home knit, falling off her left shoulder, exposing her white porcelain neck to her lover, they fall into an intense discussion that, at some point, slides unpredictably into a full blown disagreement, even though she and her older lover are happily in love, soaked in love, yet, it is true that her older lover, who dawns a 60s goatee, which he’s worn since those Beatnik days, for he is well into his 60s in age, is happy with his young lover, happy the way she draws attention when she walks into the café, whereas, his red-eyed lover whose wearing the wool sweater slipping off her left shoulder on this gorgeous late summer day, is less than happy, even though she is just in her 20s, she has intellectual points to argue, and it is only when the intellectual slides over into the personal, her hand gestures become less fluid holding the cigarette, less sensual, rather, they turn choppy like her words that are spit out, annunciating her hurt, underlying her vulnerability, and so, this breakfast of warm croissants and black coffee in a public place, becomes a dramatic private break up, that none of us hear, but we all bear witness to in silence.


  1. Gorgeous. What a story wrapped in those few words.

  2. A photograph in words.

  3. Sarah8:36 pm

    Bearing witness to the breakup is one thing, but bearing witness to the way you tell the story was inspiring! What a talented writer you are!