11 September, 2008

Trip to Berlin

Yesterday, for the first time in perhaps 20 years, I had a train department completely to my own. Luxury. The late summer countryside going by. No distracting sounds, smells, or vibrations coming from fellow passengers. Just me and my lonesome. Luxury.

Staying with friends of a friend who live in Charlottenburg,. This is one of the many charming neighbourhoods of this marvelous city. Though, I believe Charlottenburg is perhaps the most charming neighbourhood of them all. And my hostess and host and their two hosting boys are absolutely charming too.

The sun is shining. I am sitting in a café. I've just ordered breakfast. I am in heaven.


  1. What fun to wake and find you smiling at a cafe table in Berlin.

  2. Jealous. JEALOUS. I know you are happy being alone, but could I be there too if, say, I were very quiet and didn't actually talk to you?

    Glad to hear you're finding Charlottenburg fabulous. I have my eye on that there neighbourhood ...

  3. Sounds divine!!