19 September, 2008

Autumn Wistfulness


Quiet day spent indoors. The sun came out momentarily, but I ignored it.

Evening falls early, so much earlier than just a few days ago. I think wistfully of the summer that pasted without much notice. Should I say adieu?

We are travelling, the gods willing, back to Canada soon for a family visit. Little or no wistfulness about this venture, just possibly a sliver of trepidation. Only my personal trepidation. My son and daughter fly over with a lightness of spirit that is almost enviable.

They are not conscious as yet of the difference between family dynamics and family history. The one appears so universally enigmatic, the other tragically insufferable and most often, irreconcilable.

Adieu this summer of my heart. Please return to warm us again.


  1. Another lovely collage. So ready this year for summer to really end all ready!

  2. Maybe it's because I'm snackish, or maybe those leaves really do look like shortbread cookies. I want to eat them, they are so delicious.

  3. The leaves really look like cookies...

    Fall has come quickly this year. We went from "swimming in the lake" to "fire up the oven" in one short week.

    Good luck for your trip to Canada.