30 April, 2008

What, Why, and How

Two days after helping Nomad Son tortuously finish up writing a six-page philosophy essay assignment, I came upon this video. Oh, how I wish I had seen it about a week before.

I'm presently working on a poem/slideshow using this method. Here is the "map" of the poem. I actually scribbled down something on paper (ahem, during a meeting where there was so much blahblah going on), but it was illegible.
The gods willing, I might even be able to post the poem/slideshow in the next days.

I'm off early tomorrow morning heading over to Toronto. Please keep those thoughts of yours coming for a safe and pleasant journey.


  1. I'm wishing you a safe and pleasant journey even if I'm a bit too late. I'll come back to check out that video and such when I have a little more time...

  2. That was a great video! Thanks for sharing -- I can see how I can use that in my fiction writing as well, and I'm going to share it with my son and his teachers!