26 April, 2008

Chapel in the Woods


In my life, I’ve had the pleasure to visit a chapels built in woods. The chapel was simply built, but splendid for being embraced by trees and light.

I’ve just spent the last hour listening to Wangari Maathal speak with Krista Tippett about spiritually and trees. It has been an enriching experience: like sitting in that chapel of my childhood.


  1. Another lovely collage!

    Thanks for sharing them with us. They are just so wonderful to see.

  2. I live by the sea and find solice in the quiet sounds the ocean makes. I'm looking forward to creating collages from some of my travel photos on our return. Thanks so much for the lovely notes.

  3. This reminds me of the place in the forest that Michael Ondatje conjures in Anil's Ghost.