14 April, 2008


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a dear friend’s 50th birthday. Besides delightful company and excellent food, there were speeches made, as is customary at most important fetes. Before coming to Germany, the speeches I heard at weddings were so lacklustre they were embarrassing at best.

I don’t know where Germans learn how to make intelligent, funny and touching speeches about their daughter’s escapades in life, or write poems to honour a silver wedding anniversary, or write ditties about a colleagues working career, but they do it with a flair.


  1. Yes! I've also noticed how well they give speeches. We too were at a birthday party yesterday - for an artist friend. She gave a short speech thanking everyone who came to here atelier to see her works in progress, and then her husband stepped in and gave a 10-minute love letter to his wife and his work. It was touching, thought-provoking, and thoroughly entertaining.

  2. Well, not all of them know how to do this but every family has one who makes speeches and little poems and such.

    I don't know where they learn other than such parties because I don't know how to do it.