02 April, 2008

Mush Brain, Tender Heart, Inspired Mind

Been struggling to get my body and mind back into sync again with Luebeck time. Definitely battling with mush brain. One thing about getting older, either I’ve forgotten about experiencing jetlag difficulties during my twenties and thirties and forties, or, jumping back-and-forth over the pond is harder the older I get. Working on getting sleep is a high priority these days. It’s eluding me though.
I’ve been spending the last day or two listening to beautiful, inspiring TED Talks (1, 2, and 3) and various interviews*/presentations.

I just love words: the spoken word: the ideas these words translate. I spent nearly twenty years of my adult life, more or less, only reading English, and not hearing it or speaking it with any regularity.

For this reason, my active command of the language sadly diminished. Reading my journal entries from twenty years ago attests to this process. Even though my command of English has shrunk, or because of it has shrunk, hearing people speaking articulately never fails to move and inspire me.

My dear husband arrived home from work this afternoon, to find me looking at my laptop with tears in my eyes. He asks me with concern if anything is wrong. I shake my head and croak out “TED Talks”. He shakes his head and goes to the kitchen and makes us both a hot cup of tea. It must be the tinge of Irish in my blood that makes me so.

* Thanks to Everyday Yogini for the recommendation.

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  1. Thank YOU for the link to TED. Fabulous!! I hope sleep finds you very soon.