09 April, 2008

Sad Days

Two weeks ago a childhood father figure of mine, Beres, died after a longlong battle with Alzheimer and various other disorders. His wife, Agi, cared for him throughout the ten years or more that it took for the disease to take a vital, intelligent, larger-than-life architect and transform him into a part innocent child/ part savage he was at the end of his life.
What I find inspirational was Agi’s ability to care for this, more or less, stranger. Beres did not recognise Agi for many years now. And certainly, the Beres of later years bore little or no resemblance to the person she married.

Yesterday, Mage’s friend, Duck, died. Duck had Alzheimer and was cared daily by George, Mage’s husband and Mage. So many of Mage’s stories on her blog were about Duck. I almost feel as if I knew him in some way.

It’s spring. I walk awash with sadness. Yet, knowing their spirits are finally set free, how can I. Safe journey. Fare-well.

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  1. I think Alzheimer's must be one of the most difficult diseases for a family to deal with. It is sad when someone goes, but the freeing of the soul is also a blessing.