18 April, 2008

Fair Pay

The Angry Black Bitch blog recently wrote that today is “Blog for Fair Pay for Women” day. Bloggers are asked to write a post entry about pay inequality. A discrepancy exists, continues to persist.

In our household we have an untypical balance of unfairness. With an engineering degree under my belt, I have benefited by practicing in this predominately male profession. My husband, a translator, has financially suffered the indignities of practicing a female profession. We both studied equally as long. We both have a long history of working conscientiously, responsibly, independently, as well as in teams, with heart and soul.
I would like to dedicate this post to all the women of past generations who worked hard and long to support themselves and their families in a world where “fair pay” was not yet conceived of. This also goes for women working in countries today that do not recognise this injustice. I wish to acknowledge their efforts. Thank you.


  1. Such a moving collage, Lia, and tribute to the women who have gone before. Thank you for thinking of them and reminding us of their largely unthanked work.

  2. It's a good thing to be reminded of this. Beautiful post, thank you.