01 January, 2011

2011- taking something good and improving upon it

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Time for New Year's resolutions. In the past, I have taken a year to contemplate a word or study upon a topic I wished to know more about. This year, I am at a bit of a loss about what I should do. Then I received a delightful long letter from a dear and wise friend.

In her letter she talked about the possibility of New Year's reslolution being a journey of,

"finding "kalapurna," a word that means a sense of the rich fullness of the present moment that contains all the history that has brought us to this moment and the potential of the future, about resting in the past while also turning toward the future, knowing that you are full and complete and have everything you need to reach your own potential."

Now I can't say that I really understand physically or intellectually what kalapurna is, but the concept made me realise two things. First, I have never made a New Year's resolution to do something that I do well and just choose to do it better. Secondly, nor have I ever chosen a word for the year that is already an integral part of my day-to-day life and just embrace it more deeply.

Granted there have been and probably there always will be so many aspects of my being that need improvement. Can't get around that. Still, why is it necessary to start with some aspect that we fail so miserably at all the time. Wouldn't it be smarter to chose something we do right most of the time and then try to improve upon it?


  1. Anonymous3:11 pm

    I like this concept, especially this bit: 'knowing that you are full and complete and have everything you need to reach your own potential.' Fits with my spiritual belief that we already have everything we need.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2011, Lia.

  2. Yes, yes. I understand. I'll make where I live now more. Thanks.