15 January, 2011

The Colour White


I have a friend whose favourite colour is white. I've never known, or been conscious of knowing, anyone who favourite colour is white. Mint green, China blue, even antique rosa... but white. That is new. Now this dear friend is moving into a new home in the next days and I'd like to create a collage for her (she hinted she wanted one). It turns out not to be an easy task.

Even though white is more or less the presence of all colour when thinking about prisms of light. When creating collages though it has very little to do with white, but the absence of colour. The above collage is the first attempt at series of collages called, "The Colour White".


  1. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Ooh, it's lovely! And I especially adore snowscapes, which is weird seeing I come from South Africa, where there is hardly ever snow and burnt sienna is the main colour.

  2. It's pink. :) LOL

    I like the white.

  3. Anonymous7:39 pm

    White is one of my least favourite colours - but when I see this collage, I've changed my mind... It's just stunning!

  4. Anonymous2:48 am

    During this cold, snowy winter of 2011 (49 states had snow the other day) all we are seeing is white!!!

  5. Beautiful image. I like the color white when I wear a blouse or sweater. My 92 year old aunt remarked to me one time that I looked good in white and not many people did :)

  6. Anonymous2:29 am

    An exquisite work of such subtlety.
    I'm really not anonymous, but can't navigate the identifications.

    Last year the Phillips Collection put on an exhibit
    by Pousette-Dart called "Predominantly White Paintings."
    Assuming the painter was French, I not only discovered
    luminous canvases of spare paint with layers of graphite and oil
    but a brilliant American painter. The textures of white woven on the canvas gave a collage effect at various angles of light.

    Not quite as lovely as this.