19 January, 2011

Suitcase: mixed message


Friend here (from Slovenia). Friend on her way from down south. Daughter in bed with a fever. Son far away but close in heart. Days flying by. To-Do list only getting longer. Soooo much to tell and yet, I fear I will forget so much. Still, you are also in my thoughts. This roller coaster ride will probably not stop before its over, but it will eventually reach gentler slopes. Promise.


  1. Anonymous3:40 pm

    That collage is so sunny and cheerful... it makes me smile!

  2. Books: There's someone almost every day who deals with our books. Pricing: Most hardbound books are three bucks, and paperback books are a buck. If a book looks especially promising, I'll look it up on ABE Books, Alibris, or Amazon's used book dealers. Sometimes I'm really surprised by what I find.

    Yes, I miss your more frequent postings, but you have just grown away from the blogging world by about a hundred posts. At least you are still here.

  3. Further on my journey through this life - but I relate so well to what you share.
    A good day wished you !!!