27 December, 2010

Hail all Mothers and Fathers

Just discovered that the marvelous Poetry Archive now has expanded out and has a poetry website for children, called (of course), The Children's Poetry Archive. There are various themes or poet interviews, all in a manner that hopefully children can relate to.

Here are two poems to start you off on,
I wish I had done more to teach my children about poetry when they were younger, and can only hope that somewhere in their futures they will discover the beauty of this art. There is something essentially healing about poetry. It is as if words carefully chosen have the ability to put the world back into balance.


  1. I wasn't able to understand poetry when I was a kid. Now I find it's the magic door to new worlds. Thanks.

  2. Poetry is magical, isn't it? Thanks for this tip.

  3. It is only over the last few years that I love poetry. Now there are a number of books of poems sitting on my reading table.