31 October, 2008

This Year’s Word: Trust (3/3)

(This is the last post of this series.)

Until recently, I thought of childhood memories as pieces of a vast puzzle that are neatly stored in my brain. Since my brain’s workings are complex, so is that memory puzzle complex. Often, I’ve felt defeated by how little I remember of my past and how little I use the memories to help overcome day-to-day challenges. Then, a short while ago, a dear friend of mine told me something that pierced my confusion.

She told me about how memory resides in every cell in our bodies. When we remember an incident, for example, we recreate or relive the experience all over again on some cellular level. This concept is not new, but the way my friend describes cellular memory, acted as a key to opening the door to new thought.

The following presentation presents these thoughts in context to trust:

Cellular Trust
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I hope you have enjoyed these reflections. They’ll probably be the last for a while, for I’d like to get back to doing more storytelling.


  1. Hi Lia.........yes, I've enjoyed these. I have so few accessable childhood memories, but I know they are there somehwere. Thanks.

    About your note on my poem. Yes, this happened almost overnight. She had a heart attack and was gone. They will be turning off the things keeping her alive this afternoon. I'm really sad and torn about all this.

  2. Thank you for these reflections. And for the slideshow.

    I have the feeling that my trust in God and the universe has nothing to do with my current life but has to have its roots in something earlier than my birth. It can't be explained otherwise.