25 November, 2008

Postcards from Past Lives: Grade 7


Dear Lilalia,

Ugh! Seventh grade! Can there be anything worse than being in Mr. Tournier’s 7th grade class? Mr. Beer Breath Tournier. The class where all the delinquents (children with behavioural problems) or “retards” (children with learning disabilities) are in.

The school thinks you cannot read or write, just because you cannot read out loud with fluidity or spell correctly. It is strange that they think this, since you spend all of your free time reading. You are a member three libraries, for Pete’s sake.

Don’t despair. You are not a “retard”. You just are dyslexic. They don’t know about dyslexia in your school yet.

It will take another ten years before another teacher tells you about your dyslexia. So, scrape through high school. Go off to dance. Wait a few years before you return to your studies.

Just so you know, better days are ahead.


the older lilalia

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  1. Anonymous10:09 am

    Looking back, I can tell you which of my classmates in early 70s Grade 7 in smalltown Canada were probably dyslexic, but treated as stupid by a teacher who didn't hide his contempt for kids who couldn't keep up. Really sad for them.