16 November, 2008

Yesterday's Postcard

Yesterday's postcard was addressed to my father. He was one of the best sailors I've known. He and his brother built their first boat (a Y-flyer) when they were teenagers. He died one evening nine years ago onboard his beloved boat in the company of my mother and friends after a good day's sail.


  1. RYN: Yes, I bumped up the contrast, changed the hews, and I solarized it before I did all that again. That worked nicely.

    Hands can be repaired. I've had the left done twice for two things, and it's pain free and useful.

  2. It was a touching tribute. Sounds like he died as he lived. That is quite an accomplishment.

  3. RYN: Am using Firefox now instead of IE. Obviously Snapfish will not work with IE. I'm pleased with Firefox so far. :)