13 November, 2008

Postcards from Past Lives: Ballet Dancer

ballet postcard

Dear Ballet Dancer,

There really are just two states of existence, “in the ballet studio” and “outside the ballet studio”. There are those fleeting “moments on stage”, but they are almost not worth mentioning. Filling the dark spaces between in and out of the studio, are numbing doubts and insecurities. Not knowing whether you are good enough, even though you are one of the best. Not being able to surrender yourself in the movement for fear of losing you inhibitions, and thus, the required restraint.

I would wish you more joy and less loneliness. Take care. It takes a leap of faith to find your way to a more happy life. Start now. Don’t delay.

Love and affection,

From One Further Down The Way


  1. Lovely! And I'm inclined to believe that this doesn't just apply to ballerinas but however we define ourselves.

  2. You gave me chills. I am going to LOVE this series.

    Wow. Stunning collage.

  3. This really is a great idea.
    And I can't even imagine being so focused on only one thing. In a way I'm envious of people who can.