07 November, 2008

Another TED Talk

Yes, I know, another TED Talk. Your asking whether I haven’t linked often enough for all of you to get the hint about subscribing to the site. I probably have. Still, I’ll do it once more.

This time it is John Francis: I walk the Earth talk, whose argument thread is,

“If we are the environment, then all we need to do is look around us and see how we treat ourselves and how we treat each other (to know how we treat the environment).”

Quietly and with a endearing sense of self-deprecation, he tells a story that includes 17 years of living in silence and not riding in motorised vehicles on the way to become an environmental activist and UN Ambassador.

I tried to tell my walking friend about Mr. Francis last night. Unfortunately, I created the impression that he was a crazy person. We had a laugh over this. Yet, it is true that Mr. Francis’ tale is difficult to grasp. Listening to his story though, made me realise how wrong it is to think the solution to our over-spending of our precious ecological resources is a difficult matter. Mr. Francis tells us different. He says it is less rocket science and more equal doses of self-reflection, common sense and a willingness to step in changed direction.

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  1. Yes, I've been very lucky to survive me and my family. My family has been lucky to survive the adventures too. :) I'm polishing that into an essay now.

    BTW, are you entering the Writer's Digest Short Story Contest. You should.