03 November, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

This is a thank you note to say how much I am grateful to you and all the people working for you for the hard work you have done in the last 21 months. It has been inspirational to witness how your actions and words have influenced people near and abroad in a positive and communal spirit.

I hope millions and millions of voters in your country come out tomorrow and vote for you. All the best.

yours sincerely,



  1. I stand by Mr Obama. Let's hope for transformation and change.

    That's a great video - I especially loved the South African bits.

  2. Yes, and I hope those whose small thinking feel differently can find peace in their hearts Later.

  3. Hi Lia........Yes, I've been struggling with this since September, and I am very tired of it all. I plug on tho. The doc's don't really know what causes it, but I do know that my allergies are a key trigger. We Be Allergies here, unfortunatly.

    I stayed quiet and well behaved with crackers and that sort of simple food today, and tonight I'm ok. That'll do. Thanks for caring.