22 October, 2008

Photos of a Playground

My son takes interesting photos. Or, at least I really think so. I've spent the whole day listening to podcasts* and going through hundreds of photos he took last week in Montreal.

This slideshow is a series of photos he took at a playground near to where my sister lives. I love the fact that he climbs up, or under, or around the playgound and catches the beauty of the slides and climbing equipment from other angles.

* Today's listening include podcasts from: Speaking of Faith, The Moth, The Daily Mayo, Writers & Company, and This American Life.


  1. Children have such fabulous perspectives of the world. My youngest (nearly 3) has opened up an exciting new world through his images. Kudos.

    Also, one of our (I'm the online editor for SOF) most popular programs addresses the subject of play directly. My wife and I parent a little bit differently now -- and more respectfully observe our mommy/daddy techniques -- and even try to work more healthfully, with not as much success. Thanks for the photos and the respite from work.

  2. These are awesome. I remember seeing some of his pictures before on your blog, these are always a pleasure.