21 October, 2008


Oh, what luxury! I had the whole middle row in the airplane to myself. This hasn't happened to me since I was traveling to Europe during my studies over 25 years ago. Not that I managed to actually sleep, but the bliss of just lying down and sticking my legs out... now I know what those folks up forward in first class and business class must feel like. Who would have thought that leg room could be such a sweet commodity?


  1. there should be a congratulations card you can send someone for scoring the entire row.

    i can't imagine. whew.

  2. So you're back. I tend to forget how nice it is to have leg room until, of course, I don't have it anymore.
    I have this feeling that the newer train cars have less leg room than the old ones, plus everybody is storing their luggage on the floor these days, and so on my last train ride I could move my legs only by getting out of my seat. Extremely uncomfortable that.

    (I can't say anything about planes because the last time I took a plane was 9 years ago.)