10 October, 2008

Going Back


My children and I are going back to visit my family in Montreal. It's the first time, in far too long a time, I will be back there in autumn: my favourite season in that area of the woods.

In all the years of living in Germany, I've changed my preferences. Spring is the season that I truly love. For spring here takes place over months and months and it is always aspiring towards creating beauty.

Maybe, this is also why I like autumn back in Quebec. It starts somewhere in August, perhaps only with a whiff in the air, and progress somewhere into November. Even if a warm spell happens, a startling Indian summer, or a rash snow storm, autumn is still a drawn out endeavour.


  1. I can't tell you how much I love that collage - it's beautiful.

    Hope you have a wonderful autumn holiday back home.

  2. Love this collage; so different from your others but so relaxing and evoking. Enjoy your trip.