12 October, 2008

Safe and Sound


The trip went well. We had those new individual entertainment centers at each seat. What I noticed was that most people chose The Nanny Diaries, Nimm Island, and Indiana Jones as the first few movies to watch. As the eight-hour flight continued, people started channel skipping. The one film that only came up on two or three screens, was Eddy Murphy's film, Meeting David. Other people seemed to go through all of the other music video clips rather than turn this film on.

Trip over Greenland, Labrador, and down the east coast of Quebec was too beautiful to describe.

The photo above is a vertical panorama of the lake shore view near my sister's place. Photo taken by Nomad Son. I love the reflection of the clouds in the water at the lower right corner of the photo.


  1. You're there already! Have a wonderful time. Love the photo.

  2. Enjoy your visit! This picture is spectacular!

  3. Amazing photo! Glad you made it safely!

  4. What an amazing view!!