18 December, 2007

Yoga Story

A year ago, a dear friend of mine gifted me a year’s subscription for a yoga course. It was a very generous gift motivated by the knowledge that 2007 would bring various trails.

The foremost being unemployment. My friend believe the best way to combat the ensuing strain would be through yoga, thus her generous gift.
Ying and yang
Slideshow of my recent yoga collages

I found a yoga teacher who I absolutely adore. She is also a ballet teacher and dance therapist. Her yoga courses are a joy to take. They are helping me to discover (and learn to accept) this changing menopausal body of mine.

As a form of recognition to my dear friend’s gift and my dear teacher’s efforts to communicate her love of yoga, I’ve decided to participate in Yogamum’s world yoga practice month event (woyopramo) in January.

The goal is to practice yoga every day in January at home. This is something I have considered doing for years now, though it has not translated into practice. Now, is the time to do so.


  1. What a wonderful gift your friend gave you! I hope your practice goes well in January.

  2. It really sounds like an amazing gift. And then that you found a teacher like that.

    I have never had a yoga class, I'm always practicing at home with a DVD. With the same DVD over and over. Usually once a week. My first impulse when you mentioned that yoga-month was to sign up but I'm abstaining from that kind of event for the next, um, year or so.