14 December, 2007

Crazy World

Today, I was walking down the street and I saw a businessman coming towards me talking to himself. He looked agitated: gesturing with his hands, talking loudly and then softly. My body tensed up a little. I was considering crossing the street. Then I saw that he was talking into a small Bluetooth mobile telephone earpiece.

As he passed, I was really tempted to say, “You know what, you do not look cool. You look like a bloody idjut!”

Coincidentally, I had just passed another fellow earlier on, who was in that “Hello car. Hello bicyclist. Hello streetlight! I wish to pass on my joy and hilarity to you!” phase of inebriation. And, except for the sway to drunken fellow’s waddle, he looked exactly like the businessman with his Bluetooth earpiece.

I wish that I could have filmed both of these fellows and superimposed the sequences of them walking down the street side-by-side.

Isn’t it a crazy world where people feel no inhibitions about walking down the street having a one-sided conversation with the voices in their heads or earpieces?

Note: my daughter response to this story, “It isn’t cool to use an earpiece, but it is modern.”


  1. Nicole12:13 pm

    I remember seeing the first one with a piece like that (not bluetooth) 10 years ago in Norway, ... , talking to himself and I thought, insane ;)


  2. I got a Bluetooth headset but when I did, I swore I would only use it in the car, while driving. I don't want to look like the crazy lady talking to herself!